About Us

Brew Interrupted Coffee is an experience of coffee culture. This experience requires three things: Authenticity, Superior Roasting, and a Demand for the Best.

Consistently fresh cup of coffee

Our goal is to earn your trust with the very best coffee delivered timely and fresh. It is our top priority to provide the highest quality coffee beans from only the most responsible farmers around the globe. We value the confidence our customer’s place in us, and we are committed to becoming your trusted coffee source.

We have spent much of the last 5 years studying, discovering, testing, roasting, and tasting coffees from around the world. We realized that there was something extra special about her cup of coffee in the mornings compared to the other days of the week. We wanted to share that morning experience with everyone, so we traveled domestically and internationally searching only for the most exceptional coffee beans that ultimately launched the Brew Interrupted Coffee Company.

Superior Roasting:   Our artisan coffees are freshly roasted, using 100% Arabica beans that are specially heated for optimal flavor releasing compounds that emerge into an amazing experience for the palate. To preserve the beans in their highest quality state, our Roast Master methodically processes and prepares the beans according to their country of origin to provide the most authentic and freshest coffee tasting experience. We provide all the different roast levels, light roasts medium-lightmediummedium-dark, and dark roasts.  Our roasting team doesn’t start roasting until you place your order. This is our promise to deliver the freshest cup of coffee every time.

We Serve One of the Best Coffee!

The place where different coffee beans from all over the world meet.

A dark, rich brew represents careful hands plucking coffee berries and removing plush pulp to reveal green coffee beans. It’s a product of the scenic mountains and lush forests of places like Ethiopia, Jamaica, and South America. It’s a commitment to preserving the traditions and family life of many remote communities. There are over 25 million families globally who rely on their coffee farms to survive. For many of these growers, the coffee business is not just a career choice, but a family tradition – a heritage that is passed down through the generations.
For these families, there is a lot of hard work involved in getting quality beans into the hands of roasters such as Brew Interrupted. The coffee bean itself is actually the seed from a fruit (also called berries), which grows in clusters on the coffee tree. These trees usually only produce one harvest a year, and when the berries ripen, they do so unevenly. It is for this reason that farmers must venture through the coffee fields on foot with baskets to pick the bright red, fully ripened berries by hand – a labor of love!  Regardless of their profits, these farmers and their families across the globe remain dedicated to the craft of coffee farming. They continue to live amongst the hills and forests of lush coffee trees and pluck red berries each year, not only to deliver rich beans to their consumers across the world but also to leave a legacy for their children and communities.

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