Coffee Plantation Tours: Places To Visit


Coffee Plantation Tours: Where to Find the Best Places to Visit.

A coffee plantation tours are a must-do for any coffee lover. The best places to visit offer extraordinary views of the landscape, lush vegetation, and beautiful plants. If you love coffee, you’ll be in heaven!

It’s hard to know where to go for a coffee plantation tour these days, but here is some advice on which places you’ll want to visit. From old plantations that have been around since colonial times to newer ones that have gained popularity in recent years, here is where you should start your search.


1. Blue Mountains in Jamaica

2. Tambogrande Estate in Peru

3. Finca Flor de Cana in Honduras

4. Santa Barbara Estate in Guatemala

5. Coffea Crescents in Nicaragua

6. Café Britt at the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina

7. Blue Nile Valley Tree Plantation in Ethiopia


What is a coffee plantation?

Coffee plantations are places where they grow coffee beans. The plants and trees grow around an area that is typically cultivated and is used for farming and harvesting. Coffee plantations are also known as coffee farms, coffee estates, coffee groves, or coffee orchards.



A Brief History of Coffee Plantations

Coffee plantations first began in the Canary Islands and were exported to Europe. The Portuguese introduced coffee in Goa, India. In 1723, the British East India Company established a plantation in Socotra Island, Yemen.

It wasn’t until 1820 that coffee became popular in the Western world with England’s first coffee house opening later that year. It was over 100 years later that Colombia became the leading producer of coffee beans due to their fertile soil and ideal climate for growing coffee plants.

Today, there are over 2,300 producers of coffee in Colombia and around 50 countries worldwide produce coffee for export including Kenya, Uganda, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico and Ethiopia.


Old and New plantations to visit

One of the best places to visit for coffee lovers is the Intentional Community Coffee Company in Puerto Princesa City. This coffee plantation was founded by a man named Jose Maria Cruz, who still oversees all of its operations today. The original coffee plantation was established in 1825 and has gone through many changes since then, but it continues to produce great coffee as well as offer tours.

Another popular place to visit is the Banaue Coffee Company in Banaue town, which also focuses on producing high-quality coffee. It’s been around since 1934, so it too has seen many changes over time. The company offers tours for visitors who want to learn about the history of coffee production in the Philippines.

The other well-known plantation you should consider visiting is the Kalinga Coffee Plantation located in Ifugao Province, which was established in 1919. It offers a taste of what old Philippine plantations were like with an onsite museum that tells stories of those times and how they managed their crops back then during hard times.

You’ll find that some older plantations are not open to visitors anymore because they’ve lost their popularity and are no longer profitable–but there are plenty of younger plantations out there that can give you a taste of what life was like for them at one point!


Where to Find the Best Places to Visit

If you’re looking for a coffee plantation tour, the best place to start your search is on the internet. You can find companies that offer tours of coffee plantations in all parts of the world. It’s important that you use websites like TripAdvisor to make sure that you’re choosing reputable companies. These sites will provide reviews and ratings of tours offered by different companies.

If you’re feeling more comfortable in researching places yourself, it might be better to start with a country where you have a large stake in the coffee market. For example, if you love Colombian coffee, try searching for coffee plantation tours in Colombia. You’ll be able to identify which regions are producing high-quality beans and see what makes them so special.


Final Thoughts

Planning a coffee plantation tour is an exciting process, but the amount of research you need to do can be overwhelming. First, you have to consider what kind of experience you’re looking for. Are you interested in seeing how coffee is grown and harvested? Do you want to learn more about the history of coffee plantations? Do you want to taste some fresh roasted beans?

Once you’ve narrowed down exactly what type of adventure you’re looking for, it’s time to start researching. Look up coffee plantations near your destination and read reviews of the experiences their visitors have had. Get recommendations from friends and family who have visited plantations before so that they’ll know what to expect when they visit! Once that’s done, get out there on a tour!

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